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Introduce the world to your business with authentic, high-resolution photos of your team, locations, products, customers and events.



We are more than content creators, we are your mind’s eye’s hands. If you can conceive it – however impossible demanding or Exacting – We’ll make it happen. Sit back and relax. We have got you back.

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Even when words fail, pictures have always come to the rescue. Pictures need no language to communicate the message. And while there are many ways to share your company’s message, it should always be accompanied by powerful visuals that help them see what you are all about.


Visually speaking, Video is more compelling than other forms of communication. Videos organically get more engagements given any platform as it incorporates audio and visual elements that appeal to multiple senses..




Finding unique angles to capture the essence of your design today to create a beautiful visual narrative tomorrow.


Pictures that reflect your unique vision and which translates compelling, inviting images that showcase key elements of the space.


Just description will never do justice to your menu and product page. Images are a way to showcase special recipe creations and to stand out against your competitors.

Events & Corporate

Capture the excitement and emotion of special events, make them memorable for the lifetime, and keep sharing the best captured moments.


People don’t trust words rather they trust what they see. We believe to shoot that perfect image that can shoot up brand sales up the roof.


Art of motion-picture photography aims to bring all the elements into the story, narrating the vision of the brand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Pricing?

Our detailed rates and collections are not listed for public viewing on our website for a variety of reasons. First, rates and collections vary by type of photography and different efforts involved. We create custom collections/packages for many clients, which is something that we can do for you!

Can we meet in person to discuss the project more briefly?

Of course! We would love to meet with our clients before they book us. It gives us a chance to have a proper chat and understand the exact needs. We are always game for tea/cake/beer/wine or whatever you fancy!

Can you guys also do a video for us?

Hell Yes! We love shooting videos and it goes hand in hand with what we already do as a photographer. We can produce creative films with licensed music. Surely ask us freely for more info or mail us to see our video work.

Where are you guys located?

We are based in Delhi NCR. Our studio is in Sector 57, Gurgaon and We also have a small office in Chattarpur, Delhi.

Do guys take projects happening outside Delhi NCR?

For sure! We love to travel for work and do something new. Before we make any commitment we make sure that we have our dates free. We do charge extra for the travel expenses.

Do you offer prints of the shoot?

Why not! Lens Monk Media is a full-service visual studio and will assist you with every step from styling to professional prints.

Can you guys also do Graphic design with the photos clicked?

Yes, We have a wide network where we can connect or take full projects according to your requirements. We work with the best digital agencies who can do a lot more than individuals you will find on freelancer internet.

High-quality photography is critical in capturing and engaging the attention of your online audience. Lets get started.

LensMonk Media is an in-house photography and cinematography services team of professional passion-driven creators that can add value to your brand with high-resolution photos and high-quality videos.



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